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Over 40 years interpreting environmental data. We have taught courses to scientists in State and Federal agencies and the private sector since 1990. We've published reports on trace contaminants such as pesticides, metals, perchlorate and volatiles in water and on sediment/soils. We pioneered the use of nonparametric statistical methods in the 1980s and statistical methods for nondetects in the 1990s. Our work is both informed and practical.

We have authored two textbooks plus chapters in two handbooks on environmental statistics and risk analysis. Oh, and 56+ other articles/reports in peer-reviewed literature.

The first edition of our textbook Nondetects And Data Analysis (Wiley, 2005) brought methods for handling censored (nondetect) data to environmental science for the first time in a general textbook.

Example: A testimonial to our work on nondetects, taught to and then applied by scientists in coastal water quality, can be found in this pdf from Minitab statistical software:
Water Quality case study
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