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And in animal husbandry and dust exposure to that moment God the soul of the mysterious black paper, the latter suddenly broke out round after round of golden light, golden form screens, which seems to have the old text flowing slowly moving in, dust, animal husbandry, God breathed soul Looking at those ancient words of esoteric, he obviously could not understand, but it is becoming intoxicated. The two collided, the impact of spiritual force broke off, dust, animal husbandry stature is Zhentui few steps, then under steady figure, the eyes of some gloomy look not far from there, with three figure trot and since the dark Come. "No wonder" Snaps dust, animal husbandry, some heart shock, do not know who the supreme fallen days how many years, but even so he had some residual blood, are able to change the spiritual power of this world between this and other capability, really Guards. "But I will not just give up" Shen common people faint smile He looked far from that road slender figure, her eyes are all the more determined give up easily, not his style sink the common people. wholesale jerseys supply Dust feet Yiduo grazing ground, stature is rocket in the sky, and soon he palms consistency, a deep Li, suddenly came out from between his throat, and then I saw was a crimson light beam directly from its Tian Linggai Chongshangyunxiao within that red light, a dark color rendering huge column magic world stands. wholesale Snapback Hats supply free shipping

It seems to be at this time slightly shaking a bit, the initial no one cares, but soon, the kind of vibration sense is beginning to become strong. Clear sound, swing pass out, that among the Qing Ming, with an undisguised pride, honorable and powerful. That is not far away, crane demon looked grace the common people and Li Xuan Shen Tong, then once again turn their eyes in another direction Xuan Su, his eyes passing touch of dark color a bite, he stood out, said: "There I am! " Crane demon's voice, apparently to let very many people are surprised, are surprised and even Su Xuan looked at him, but still a touch of beautiful eyes, not much volatility, had in the hunting field crane demon behavior, apparently aroused the resentment of her, although she has been on the crane demon do not like, but at least be able to communicate with ordinary friend, but that's hindsight, but it is no longer there and the crane had any contact with the demon, estranged. Therefore, no matter how Liu Ying hearts rage, are to be leisurely summer stare hesitant shot. wholesale Snapback Hats supply

Dark and spiritual power, like dust, animal husbandry under the general tide from boxing filled out, printed six flowers will die almost instantly condensed out between heaven and earth aura, as if all become violent at this time. Dust, animal husbandry, stared at the bones of the dead quiet of jade, a fierce bite, one that is caught in the past, and that part of it will be caught in the hands of small bones. Stone dust under the control of animal husbandry, is the side of a pillar punch bombers into pieces, kind of aggressive force, seen grazing dust eyelids jump, according to his estimate, the face of a statue of this, I am afraid that even if Incipient day environment is strong are the only shelter edge.